Hi, I’m Addie.

I’m a bilingual graphic designer interested in UX design work and research, product strategy, analytics, and social media management. I’m passionate about collaboration with other disciplines and the utilization of design to solve real problems.

Right now, I’m working on cultivating an uplifting and empowering community of cross-disciplinary artists and non-artists. I host weekly open workshop & studio space for folks to come and create, make DIY galleries, have weekly creative goals, and collaboratively share skills for personal projects. 

select recent exhibitions & screenings include

Aistheis National Interdisciplinary Journal (2019), Tasmeem International Biennial Design Conference in Doha, Qatar (2019), Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea (2018), Grace St. Theatre (2018), Gallery 5 (2017), Anderson Gallery (2016, 2017), Branch Museum of Architecture & Design (2017), Byrd Theatre (2016), American Airlines Flightline Magazine (2016)

Resume and references upon request.