Past Lives 

This personal project is a representation of memories and dreams coexisting between reality and non-reality.

There is an interesting concept called a “white night” in literature, which is commonly referenced to as a time of loss / remembrance of a past reality. I wanted to explore this theme within the contexts of dreams due to the inherent similarities, since a white night is essentially what dreams are. It is impossible for us to dream about things we have never remembered.

Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated with dreams, memory, and consciences. I have three intense recurring dreams that have haunted me throughout my childhood and adult life, and wrote poems based on these “past lives” in ways that make sense to me in order to reflects this common tension between authenticity and artificiality in dreams.

The dream itself acts as a vehicle of  coexisting and conflicting realities.

Digital Collage & Textural Exploration

Personal and ongoing research