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Favorite Resources

A collection of things that is updated whenever I am inspired. 


Adam Pendleton
Jesse Draxler
Northbound Brand
Carvalho Bernau
Ohlman Consorti

Research Presentations
Eric Hu, Hassan Rahim, Eric Brandt for Eye on Design
Eye on Design (in general)
Computational Fashion
Claire Evans
Ways of Knowing Cities

Cool People
Leslie David
Jonathan Gorodenzik
Mikaela Mattes
Laura Bee
Meghan Logan
Oh Yulia
Alli Steen
Alex Dujet
Smack Bang Designs
Hello Big Idea
Svientuk Hovskyi

Interesting/obscure topics that I am currently researching
Crowdsourcing Governments
Relational Urban Planning and Interdependent Urbanism
Multiverse / Tautology
Aptitude Testing
Surveillance Capitalism
Synthetic Reality
Global Warming Solution Stockpile: OneTwo, Three
Font Psychology
Circular Economy
Periodized Nutrition
Rural Economic and Community Development