From Earth to Upheaval 

What is our role in a story that is still unfolding?
In April 1994, archaeologists discovered human bones and artifacts from the 19th century in the East Marshall Street Well in downtown Richmond. Many of these remains, known now to be the bodies of African Americans, were illegally stolen from graves and were used for medical examination and education during the 1800s.

We created a live interdisciplinary experience & performance as a vehicle to memorialize a space as well as explore themes of burial and rebirth as manifestations of history reimagined through light and sound. By utilizing complex movements and symbolic representations of upheaval and interment, we  highlighted the deeply rooted postmortem racism at the time and the ways in which it affected the lives and psyche of African American residents.

In collaboration with Shanna Brandt, Jessica Carnegie, Kat Bauer,

Things I Have Known

This project is a multisensory, interactive representation of my recurring memories and dreams coexisting between reality and unreality. Many of my dreams revolve around the desert, silhouettes, and papercuts/tiny wounds. When the little cactuses are touched, a soundscape plays to augment these realities and heighten this story—a story of a world and surface in which delirium is the only state of consciousness.