The Wiching Hour

The Wiching Hour is a personal project created by four friends (and college students) with shared experiences of staying up too late at night to finish a project and not being able to find a decent place to eat. (Unless you consider unfrozen taquitos and greasy pizza delicious. In that case, you’re probably fine.) If we wanted good food late at night, we found ourselves out of luck. After having experienced this same scenario several times over, the concept for the Wiching Hour slowly began to grow. We experimented with ideas of a brick and mortar store, food trucks, and vending machines, but settled on a food cart as our main mode of operation, due to the flexibility of transport, lower cost, and ease of use. We wanted to offer a healthier, hot alternative to 7-11 or the local pizza joint, and have curated contemporary takes on classic sandwiches that could please even the pickiest eater, with options for restricted diets.

Our goal was to challenge conventional late night eating habits through preparing high-quality, fresh sandwiches for those who crave delicious, sustainably raised food.

Our core audience are the thousands of students who stay up late and want a cheap, fast, quality meal to keep them going. Our research has proven that a majority of students stay up late and feel that the options currently available are lacking in quality, value, and nutrition.

The Wiching Hour stands for all students. Our goal is to provide great options for everyone, and to not treat vegetarians and vegans like second-class citizens. Our goal is to make every sandwich we serve delicious, and to make every customer feel full and satisfied.

The Wiching Hour is known for our simple but delicious sandwiches, served in a distinct vibrant purple bag from a hip and quirky trailer. We offer something for everyone, whether you’re a vegetarian or a carnivore. We are also one of the only places open late night where people can get breakfast or an order of fresh french fries to go.
At prices comparable to sandwich chains and competitive to local joints, customers know that The Wiching Hour is the best option for a fast and delicious meal. Sandwiches range from $5-8, with sides of freshly cooked fries at $1.50.

Social media presence is crucial to The Wiching Hour. Instagram is the best way to keep our customers informed of our whereabouts and specials, but also a great opportunity to get them salivating over pictures of our food. We also distribute flyers and menus to various locations on and around campus to spread the word. We also occasionally offer samples to passersby in order to get them hooked on our quality food.

The Wiching Hour is strategically located on campus to make it easy for students to grab their food and go. Our big neon sign is hard to miss and is excellent for attracting customers late at night.

Last but not least, the Wiching Hour’s quirky, slightly-occult theme is designed to reflect the vibrance of late-night Richmond and appeal to the type of people willing to support a peculiar (but charming) local business.